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Restoring Hope in Humankind

Updated: Jan 14

It takes one voice, but two will be louder.

We have felt the impact deep and profound;

The worries of today, the fear of tomorrow.

A steady ache, missing the ones we love;

The silent doom the world weeps, tears us down.

Speak not of “if only” or regrets of yesterday;

But believe in the power in your heart--each and every day.

That smile you share is not missed in all strangers;

The voice you speak has much more power without anger.

Let’s walk this journey together my friend,

With love and hope, the piercing pain will begin to end.

-Teresa Jacobson, DBH, LPCC-S, NCC

January 1, 2022


Teresa Jacobson is a Doctor of Behavioral Health and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor Supervisor who is counseling Ohio and Kentucky adults of all ages and life experiences via secure Telehealth/Video visits. A strength-based, person-centered multi-cultural counselor, with an existential philosophy, Teresa can be reached by emailing, calling (513) 206-3026, or visiting



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