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Depression Lies

Updated: Feb 1

- Teresa Jacobson, DBH, LPCC-S, NCC

April 24, 2020

When you think there is absolutely no way out, please know that depression is deceitful.

Depression is the voice that says, “don’t get up” when you try to get out of bed. It’s the lie that tells you, “just stay here” when you try to go somewhere else instead. It’s the twisted whisper, “you have no hope” as you search for it in the skies. And it’s the feeling of doom, when you believe all of the lies.

Depression does not want intervention. Depression wants to take control. A pandemic of its own, depression can sneak in when we are most vulnerable.

When some of our protective factors have been taken down a by life we become vulnerable to illness of any kind. Similar to a warrior’s shield that is banged up and chipped, the battle of life can impact optimism and hope, allowing depression to take hold.

Without a doubt, there is a healthy way out of depression's web of deceit.

Sometimes we have to kick depression in the shin in order to get out of bed. Sometimes we must strengthen our shields with resiliency before we can get out the door. When we are recovering from illness, we often have to build immunity back up again. This is similar to our battle with depression. We have to build our resilience - and we can. There is hope, even if depression skews it from our view.

It takes courage to search for a flicker of hope in the darkness. You have courage and with it wisdom that says hope is taking one small step at a time. Hope is having the bravery to reach out. Hope reminds us we've gotten through difficult times before. Hope is knowledge you don't have to go down this path alone, anymore.

Compassionate, attentive counselors are available and able to help you find hope, and with it the tenacity to help you kick depression out. Whether you call a counselor or hotline, whatever you do, please reach out.


Teresa Jacobson is a Doctor of Behavioral Health and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor Supervisor who is counseling Ohio and Kentucky adults of all ages and life experiences via secure Telehealth/Video visits. A strength-based, person-centered multi-cultural counselor, with an existential philosophy, Teresa can be reached by emailing, calling (513) 206-3026, or visiting



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