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Resiliency Coaching
and Consulting

Common sense, motivational coaching and consulting with a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach virtually or onsite 

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Eight Pillars of Serenity
and Resilience
Stepping Toward Serenity Logo

That sense of unknown worry, feeling a lack of control over one’s life or even full-on anxiety; all of these challenges have been with us throughout human history. Some discomforts can be easier to identify and address than others. Some dwell in those unexplored places within our minds and bodies perpetuating stress like an itch you have to constantly scratch. With the right focus, these discomforts can be brought forward and cared for in the light of resiliency.


Discovering and applying your character strengths can help bring more clarity when building a guiding vision of life purpose and can positively nurture the impact we want to have on the world. This guiding impact is strengthened through accountability and allows us to expand a greater overall personal growth in ways we may not have explored before.

Increasing health awareness and staying in motion with physical activity can energize our days making them more engaging. Fueling our body with solid nutritional choices that work for us as individuals coupled with proper hydration can help make a difference in our sleep and the rejuvenation of that marvelous machine, we call the human body.

With a holistic focus on both mind and body, resiliency can grow and thrive.

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 Accelerating confidence and resiliency in everyday individuals

Work-Life Resiliency

Events like the recent pandemic can have significant negative impacts on us, making it difficult to find, regain, or maintain our much-needed well-being and work-life balance. The good news is this has increased the global attention on evidence-based actions that support the building of resilience in individuals as well as business organizations as a whole. By increasing focus and supporting more holistic wellbeing paths, we can help increase an overall work-life satisfaction for all. 

It has been proven that people experience more enjoyment in making lasting behavioral changes by reframing the goal with their own self-identified motivation. Working with each person's intrinsic motivation to reach a wellness vision is where I can help them have a positive impact for their health and overall betterment, which impacts self-worth, productivity, home and work-life balance.

 - Charles Jacobson, NBC-HWC

A Helping hands with Life

Charles' Unique Coaching Competencies


Accountability Partner

Active Listening

Curious without Assumptions

Empathy & Rapport

Growth Mindset

Health Education

Intrinsic Motivation & Self Efficacy

Mindful Presence

Motivational Interviewing

Non-judgmental and Caring


Positive Psychology


Resiliency Accelerator

Self-Determination Theory


Social Cognitive Theory

Strengths and Values-Based

Transtheoretical Model

Unconditional Positive Regard

  Formal Education & Certifications

  • Awarded Certification as National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) in 2023

  • Obtained Certified Health & Wellness Coach designation, Emory University in 2022 

  • Earned Bachelor of Mass Communications through Middle Tennessee State University 

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