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The Missing Link to Business Wellness

Updated: Jan 13

- Charles Jacobson, Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Consultant, and Co-owner

May 12, 2022

COVID has had a significant negative impact on us making it difficult to find and maintain our much-needed personal well-being and work life balance. The good news is that this has shined a light on the topic and has helped business organizations better understand the value of focusing more resources on supporting employees’ well-being through various wellness, preventive, and health initiatives.

However, making the personal connection to why improving well-being is a good thing continues to be a struggle for many workers who participate in a company’s wellness program just to earn an external reward like a gift card or a lower premium. It's been proven that people experience more enjoyment in making lasting behavioral changes by reframing the goal with their own self-identified motivation. This kind of thinking can make an annual wellness program goal become a lifestyle behavioral habit.

Working with a person’s intrinsic motivations to reach a wellness vision is where I can help them have a positive health impact for the betterment of that person and their employers’ overall production profitability.

Please reach out to Charles Jacobson, or (513) 212-7995 to see how we can help overall wellness one employee at a time.


Charles Jacobson, CHWC

Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Consultant, and Co-Owner

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(513) 212-7995

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