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Just in Time: Coaching Accessibility

Updated: Feb 1

May 9, 2022 (For Immediate Release)

Jacobson Counseling, Health & Wellness Consulting, LLC, dba Stepping Toward Serenity of Milford/Miami Township, Ohio, who began offering professional counseling services to the community March 2020 at the start of the pandemic, announces new expansion of services at a substantial discount to the community.


Prompted by increasing stress and financial hardships experienced by adults in the community, Charles Jacobson, certified health & wellness coach, consultant, and co-owner, has recently partnered with his wife, Teresa, to offer new health and wellness coaching and consulting to area adults through secure telehealth appointments. Health and wellness coaching and consulting services are being offered at 50% discounts throughout the months of May and June of 2022, to help increase the health and hope of the community (without breaking the bank).

In addition to his welcoming demeanor and non-judgmental empathy, Charles Jacobson brings to the coaching office skills obtained by completing post-graduate certification in Health and Wellness Coaching from Emory University, and skills from his bachelor’s degree in communication from Middle Tennessee State University. In addition, Charles pulls from vast professional experiences that extend from broadcasting, as well as the corporate world in healthcare field account management, which also included understanding of health and wellness programs and member engagement within them.

“At a time when work-life balance can seem especially difficult, health and wellness coaching and consulting can offer non-judgmental support and encouragement to help you reach your health and wellness dreams and visions,” Charles Jacobson said. “This is where I can partner with you and help you elevate your well-being through self- directed, lasting changes aligned with your own personal values. I utilize evidenced-based practices like motivational interviewing and mindfulness to support you on your health & wellness journey.”

Throughout his life, Charles Jacobson has always tried to make a difference. “I’ve always enjoyed meeting people, and I enjoy helping others. As a health and wellness coach, I have a coaching map to follow with someone to help them truly achieve the positive outcomes they seek.” Common areas a person might engage a coach for support for lasting change can include: achieving a better work-life balance, losing weight, practicing a positive mindset, reducing stress, eating healthier, prioritizing self-care, quitting smoking, making lifestyle changes. “I have the tools to help people help themselves.”

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Please visit Coaching Toward Serenity at to secure telehealth coaching sessions at a 50% discount and begin a health and wellness journey of Stepping Toward Serenity. You can also reach Charles Jacobson, CHWC by email:,

or call Coach Charles Jacobson (513) 212-7995



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